Super Soldier Serum Is a Dangerous Thing For Humanity?

Super Soldier Serum Picture
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Super Soldier Serum is a blue chemical liquid that can increase the strength of the body and mind of humans. After receiving the serum, our bodies will become more full and bigger and have more energy than the average human. Originally, Abraham Erskine create this serum for used by The United States Armed Forces during World War II. After being tried by several parties, the success rate of the Super Serum is quite high and not a few people are interested at this Super Serum.


List of People Who Received Super Soldier Serum

The Origin of Man-Thing and His Super Power

Because of the high level of success, scientists are not afraid to take a step forward. Over time, these rumors circulated and emerged criminals who wanted to steal Super Soldier Serum. One of the incidents was when the terrorist tried to steal The Serum. Precisely, during the development period The Serum was under Dr. Theodore Sallis. While escaping, Dr. Theodore Sallis had injected the rudimentary serum into his body. That’s when a big monster named Man-Thing was formed. Not only because of the serum, Dr. Theodore Sallis turned into a monster because of being exposed to other chemicals.

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