Man-Thing at Guardians of the Galaxy Easter Egg!!

Picture of Man Thing
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5 years passed after the movie Guardian of the Galaxy came out. After the movie came out, James Gunn said that GOTG had some Easter Eggs and we just found the last of the Easter Egg. At Guardians of the Galaxy post-credit, we can see a monster that looks like Man-Thing. If you still don’t get it, you can see the picture below.

Man Thing at Guardians of the Galaxy
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Man-Thing was a doctor named Dr. Theodore Sallis. He is a chemist working in the project of making Super Soldier Serum. They attacked by terrorists who intended to steal the results of their research during the period of making the serum. Dr. Theodore injected the serum into his body before he ran away using his car. Because of the rush, Dr. Theodore fell and entered a swamp full of chemicals along with the car. Probably, the chemical contained in the swamp entered Sallis’s body that had been injected with the serum through the wound. In the end, he turned into a very large, strong, and slow Man-Thing.


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So, what do you think about this? Is it possible that Man-Thing is one of the Easter Eggs that James Gunn said in the Guardians of the Galaxy? Btw the creators of Man-Thing and Swamp-Thing (Swamp-Thing is a DC version of Man-Thing) were formerly roommates and maybe they had shared ideas.

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    1. he has strength beyond the American captain (he can even drive a car weighing 2000 pounds). Because Man-Thing is a pile of plants, he can restore his body if there are still plants around him. He also can teleportation dan Corrosive-chemical secretion. Maybe that’s all he can do. Ask me all questions and have a nice week

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