Thanos True Goal isn’t Only to Destroy Half The Universe!!

Thanos true goal avengers endgame
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Warning: Endgame Spoilers Ahead!!

Thanos, known as Mad Titan, is the toughest enemy of the Avengers in the movie ‘Avengers: Infinity War’. The Avengers lost heavily to Thanos and lost several of their members. From this, we can speculate that Thanos is the villain. But actually, Thanos has a purpose to commit his crime and not just to kill. After you watch the Avengers: Endgame, you will know Thanos true goal at Avengers Endgame. The reason Thanos destroyed half of the universe is to balance the life being. That’s mean, he wants people to live peacefully by reducing their population. You got it right?


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Indeed, Thanos’s reason for destroying half of the universe makes little sense. But that thing is wrong and maybe that is something important to him and must be done. And so, the Avengers have to stop Thanos from doing those crazy things. Perhaps Thanos meant well, but considering that Thanos was exiled, perhaps Thanos was not in school on Titan or he was often absent from school because he was bullied so he became a fool and decided to annihilate half of the universe instead of looking for other better ways.

Btw If Thanos is schooled then the Endgame won’t be there so we should thank you for Thanos’s stupidity. And so… That’s all about Thanos true goal on avengers endgame. Let me know what you think about this fool titan by leaving comments below. Peace…

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