Wanda Vision Finally Launched They Logo After the Falcon and Winter Soldier

Wanda Vision Logo
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After the Falcon and Winter Soldier, finally it’s time for Wanda Vision to present the logo to the public. Wanda Vision is an upcoming television series which is a collaboration of Disney and Marvel. Actually, rumors about WandaVision had circulated before Disney announced it was often called Vision and Scarlet Witch. However, it seems that many people don’t like the name ‘WandaVision’ and prefer ‘Vision and Scarlet Witch’. But for me, everything is the same because it’s just a title dude, “a title”. Maybe the MCU chose WandaVision to be more remembered so there was no need to think too much about it.


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Wanda and Vision
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The possibility of this one movie will discuss the love story of Scarlet Witch with Vision. This Wanda Vision film might have many interested people because it will talk about the romance between mutants and live androids. Some people also say that the Wanda Vision film will lead to Wanda and Vision’s past because this is the first Movie from The Scarlet Witch and Vision and this possibility is driven by Death Vision and the Scarlet Witch.

That all about Wanda Vision Logo, let me know if you know something about her powers by leaving comments below. Peace…

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