Explained: Why Captain Marvel didn’t Use Her Time Travel Power in The Movie

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First of all, I want to say that this is my opinion. As far as we know, Captain Marvel still hasn’t shown its full strength. So we just look forward to Captain Marvel 2 which will come out in 2022. (if I’m not mistaken). So, Let’s get into it!

Captain Marvel is the movie that Marvel fans are waiting for. Why? Because it was only he who was the perfect superhero to fight Thanos. But in the Captain Marvel movie, it was not shown a force strong enough to defeat Thanos. But the most important We will give some reasons why the MCU chose not to show the true strength of Captain Marvel.

Captain Marvel takes place in the 1990s

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The ‘Marvel Cinematic Universe’ wears the 1990s as their time frame because they want to keep the plot that they will release to be more flexible and unpredictable because in the 1990s, Captain Marvel might already know how to maximize the power within her or she got another power. We find it harder to guess what the MCU will do for this Avengers: Endgame movie.


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To keep the plot unpredictable

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It has become the obligation of the MCU to organize and maintain the flow of the film to keep it exciting and not to disappoint its fans, so the MCU does not show Captain Marvel’s ultimate strength so that the film can knit and become more exciting.

Carol Danvers’s DNA merges with Lawson’s DNA

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Dr. Randy Lawson is a genius scientist who wants to make a light-speed plane that can end the war. If Captain Marvel’s DNA is united with Lawson’s DNA, then maybe Captain Marvel will create her own plane without being known by the Avengers and that could be a weapon against Thanos.

That’s all about Captain Marvel Powers, let me know if you know something about her powers by leaving comments below. Peace…

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